Coronavirus Related News

When the United States Government had taken earlier actions it could have reduced further increase of the US outbreak or it could have delayed the spread of the Coronavirus

According to a Top Health Official: The United States Government didn’t understand how fast the Coronavirus was spreading in Europe, which helped manage the progress of the outbreak across the country.

According to Dr. Anne Schuchat, she is the number 2 at the United states Centers of Disease control and prevention CDC said: Lack of Coronavirus testing and travel information from countries outside China, that all leads to a massive increase of Coronavirus cases that started end February.

Dr Schuchat added “we clearly didn’t recognize the full importations that were happening.”

The CDC published an Article Authored by Schuchat, they looked back to the response of the United States, Summarizing the major decisions and events of the past months.
The country’s top publish health agency missed opportunities to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The CDC is responsible for the recognition, tracking and prevention of just such a disease. But the agency has had a low profile during this pandemic, with White House officials controlling communications and leading most press briefings.

“The degree to which CDC’s public presence has been so diminished … is one of the most striking and frankly puzzling aspects of the federal government’s response,” said Jason Schwartz, assistant professor of health policy at the Yale School of Public Health.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly celebrated a federal decision, announced on January 31, to stop entry into the U.S. of any foreign nationals who had traveled to China in the previous 14 days. That took effect February 2. China had imposed its own travel restrictions earlier, and travel out of its outbreak areas did indeed drop dramatically.

But in her article, Schuchat noted that nearly two million travelers arrived in the U.S. from Italy and other European countries during February. The U.S. government didn’t block travel from there until March 11.

Dr. Schuchat added that 100 people that where on the Nile River Cruises during February and the beginning of March and tested positive for the Coronavirus, almost doubling the case numbers of the current United States Cases at that time. 

In the article Dr.Schuchat stated that massive effects came from end February mass gatherings, that also included Mardis Gras Celebration in New Orleans, funeral in Albany, Georgia and Scientific meetings in Boston. The restriction on crowds came in mid March because of many cases came from mass gatherings such as the Scientific Meeting in Boston. 

When the United States Government had taken earlier actions it could have reduced further increase of the US outbreak or it could have delayed the spread of the Coronavirus.

She also added that there was a changing public understanding of how bad everything was, and measures also changed in some kind, that included stay at home orders, that people were willing to agree with. 

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