Coronavirus Related News

Everybody in Wuhan will receive a Nucleic Acid Test

The authorities in Wuhan have pushed out a new measurement, everybody in Wuhan will be tested for the Coronavirus. Therefore the authorities can contain the infected and the spread of the Coronavirus.

It started on Thursday people in Wuhan where divided in districts and needed to go to designated areas to line up, standing meters apart to receive a nucleic acid test.

According to the district’s urban management commission on Thursday, the district of Dongxihu, had 6 locally transmitted infections over the weekend.
Government employees started to set up test facilities on Wednesday and were helping people to take the test in the afternoon. 

According to Yao Hanhua, Party secretary of Qiaokou Shuichang Community he told Hubei Television the mass campaign will help officials to see the true scale of undetected infections in each areas. The reason why for a mass scale campaign is to see the results and it will help to contain the Coronavirus pandemic measures.

According to the statement of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center on Monday, the mass testing campaign will be required and it will be completed within 10days, they are prioritizing key populations, areas, and focus on old and low income neighborhoods.

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