Coronavirus Related News

Dogs and 3 cats were diagnosed with the Coronavirus in the Netherlands

It’s been the first time the Coronavirus were diagnosed in a dog in the Netherlands. The Coronavirus also has been diagnosed in 3 cats.
This comes from the a statement by Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture).

In the dog of a Coronavirus patients, antibodies were found. That means that the dog is infected with the Coronavirus.

The 8 year old dog is a bulldog, but the condition of the dog has been getting worse, it has been breathing worse, therefore the dog was put to sleep in end of April.

Blood samples were taken from the dog and sent to the lab. 
The coronavirus was not detected there, but the antibodies have been detected.

It is still unclear how the dog had breathing problems if it were caused by Coronavirus or some other disease. Previously 2 dogs were tested positive with the Coronavirus in Hongkong.

According to the National institute of Public Health and Environment (RIVM) has conducted further research into the spread of the Coronavirus in animals after various infections on farms. 11 Cats were tested for the Coronavirus around the farm. from the 11 cats 3 were found with antibodies that means that the cats were infected with the Coronavirus.

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