Original Chinese Meatballs Recipe Gluten Free

Original Chinese Meatballs Recipe Gluten Free

Original Chinese Meatballs Recipe Gluten Free


  • 250 Gram Minced Meat (Pork)(While buying minced meet have a bit of fat so it won’t be dry and texture not so hard)
  • Water Chestnut 3 pieces.
  • Oil (Olive or Coconut)
  • Soy Sauce
  • Salt
  • Pinch of white pepper.
  • Ginger
  • Spring onions
  • Chinese Rice Wine


Step 1: Put the Minced Meat into a Big Bowl for mixing later.

Step 2: Peel the Water Chestnuts (3 is enough) cut them into little pieces.

Step 3: Cut your Spring union into small pieces.

Step 4: Put the little pieces of water chestnuts and spring unions into  the bowl of minced meat.

Step 5: put in 1 Table Spoon Oil & 1 Table Spoon Soy Sauce – 1/4 table Spoon Salt – Bit white pepper.

Step 6: Mix it together.

All in gradients Mixed up.

Step 7: When it’s mixed together make balls from it.

Step 8: When you finished making the Meat balls, Put 2 Spoons of Chinese Rice Wine and 1 Spoon of Oil spread it onto of the meatballs and add 2 Slices of Ginger on top.

Step 9: Put the pan on the stove and put a stand in the middle of the Pan, Add water just below the stand, wait till the water is boiling.

Step 10: When the water is boiling then put the plate of meat balls on top of the stand and add 2 slices of ginger on top.

Step 11: Put a timer for 13 minutes.

Step 12: Take out the Meatballs carefully and put some spring onions on top.

Enjoy the Original Chinese Meatballs

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